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Meet the Qmage Team

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Leigh Rothschild


Mr. Rothschild is the founder and CEO of Qmage. Mr. Rothschild is one of the most prolific inventors in the United States and currently as sole inventor has more then 125 issued patents and 250 pending patents.   Mr. Rothschild's first patent for quadrophonic music  was conceived when he was 17 years of age and granted shortly thereafter.   Mr. Rothschild has licensed and sold patents within his patent portfolio to many of the  major  Fortune 100 companies around the world  including Apple, and Intellectual Ventures, General Motors, Home Depot   among others, and his technologies are in use at companies ranging from most major automotive companies, and  Ebay, to the US Department of Commerce, and Citrix, among  many others. From October 1998 through February 2004, Mr. Rothschild was Chairman and founder of, a NASDAQ publicly traded wireless information company  that was the leader and early creator of connecting  symbology such as barcodes to the internet.  Mr. Rothschild is the holder and inventor  of many patents in this area. was sold in February of 2004.  Mr. Rothschild went onto to starting two other publicly traded companies.   Prior to founding BarPoint, Mr. Rothschild was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IntraCorp Entertainment, Inc., a consumer software company with worldwide product distribution. 


Mr. Rothschild is a former presidential appointee to the High-Resolution Board for the United States under former President George H. W. Bush. He has served Governors on technology boards and served as a special advisor to then Florida Secretary of Commerce Jeb Bush. Mr. Rothschild also served on the IT Florida Technology Board as an appointee of former Governor Jeb Bush. Mr. Rothschild  also chairs the Rothschild Family Foundation, which  endowed outstanding charities and institutions including University of Miami.


Mr. Rothschild has a BA from the University of Miami (1973) as well as a Graduate Course study Degree from the same University (1974). 


Scott Breitkop


Mr.Breitkopf has over 30 years of legal and financial industry experience working with a variety of financial, accounting and baking corporations. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from The George Washington University and law degree fro The University of Miami School of Law. He is a member of the Florida Bar. Scott regularly works out and plays tennis. 


Chris Medina

Directior of Operations

Christopher Medina is currently the Director of Operations for Qmage, LLC.  Chris has extensive experience in business operations including management at Rothschild Trust where he has also served for more than 20 years.  Chirs is responsible for managing the day to day functioning of many of the aspects of Qmage, LLC including activities involving Intellectual Property.


Valerie Belliveau

Director of Product Management

Valerie Belliveau serves as the project and product manager with Qmage, LLC. She has a background in investment strategies and product development giving her unique insight on market demands and managing milestones. Valerie drives business expansion and increase profitability and long-term value for patent growth.

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