The Qmage Experience

Qmage can be used and monetized in multiple ways.

Market Opportunity

Our data research indicates the total sales from the nearly 3.8 million retail establishments in the United States reached more than $2.6 trillion in 2016. 

Further data indicates that Global retail sales were projected to amount to around $28 trillion by 2020. The photo finishing market and photo merchandising market has been reported to be over $26.7 Billion. The market for counterfeit goods and piracy has been reported to be $1.2 Trillion dollars globally. Qmage will participate and derive revenue from all of these areas. 

Revenue Stream

The qmage user base will be monetized through multiple revenue streams:

*Advertisers wanting to market to their users based on the extremely detailed metadata collected from the Qmage images. 

*Businesses wanting to run custom Qmage marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement.

*Customers who utilize Qmage for ecommerce purchases

*Advertising Revnue from user targeted ads feed on  the Qmage Cloud

Experienced Leadership

Founder and CEO Leigh Rothschild is considered one of the most prolific inventors in the United States. He has licensed and sold patents within his patent portfolio to many major Fortune 100 companies around the world including Apple and Intellectual Ventures among others, his technologies are in use at companies ranging from most major automotive companies, major retailers, major digital imaging companies, among many others. When you are issued a digital receipt, or sharing Gps addresses from a car to a mobile device; you are using Rothschild’s patented  technology.  When you scan a QR code.. that technology was also patented by Rothschild. 

The Qmage Platform

Qmage  will provide a free IOS and Android app for all mobile devices. Once a picture is taken, image key data about the photo is automatically added to the image. The user can also attach audio, video, text, and web links (ie. ecommerce links) to the image.  The Qmage image is automatically uploaded to the secure Qmage platform. Complete search  is provided from the user’s mobile device or desktop, allowing users to begin building a secure visual library like never before.

Competitive Advantage

Qmage’s patents and trademarks protect it's technology. Their management has the experience to navigate the tricky world of IP and Qmage has spent more than two years building out its technology platform.