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How it Works

(Under the Hood)

Here’s a list of some key features and benefits included with the Qmage Technology

Most Powerful Metadata Search


A Qmage image will automatically store more metadata on the image  than any other app has ever stored. This metadata collection is what will allow Qmage to eventually become a potential advertising powerhouse.

It will also allow multi-field searching meaning searching for pictures that match several criteria simultaneously such as; owner, location, time, camera settings, weather conditions, and more. This is a major differentiating factor for Qmage.

Mobile Application

Qmage will be used as a mobile application (taking pictures) and can also be used as a desktop application (complete search functionality for the stored images).

Digital to Physical


Qmages can be both digital images stored on the internet or physical images containing scannable symbology. Whether digital or physical Qmage will be used and monetized with partnerships in various industries such as real estate, mass retailing, and many others. 

Content Rich Images


With the Qmage free app users can easily take pictures, add audio, video, text, ecommerce and hyperlinks to the image, and store the image in the Qmage  cloud.  The image can  be emailed to another person, uploaded to a website, or printed.  When a user scans the image with the Qmage app they can access  any of the information  that  was stored with the image.  

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