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Real Estate

A single printed or digital image can contain a video or a tour of a house, along with listing information and a link to the real estate agent. Attach a scannable Qmage image to real estate brochures, signs, and websites so that potential buyers can scan and learn all the information they need.


Scan a photo while reading your favorite magazine or newspaper and get a whole lot more information including a video or audio on the image. If there’s an iconic news photograph you find and want to hang up on your wall, or maybe your child made the sports page of your newspaper and you want to get an image blown up, simply click on the image to access a link to purchase the rights to the photo.  

Retail (Clothing)

Qmage  creates a wealth of cross selling opportunities for stores. For example  by attaching a scannable Qmage code to a suit  the retailer can easily recommend a shirt and tie combination to match the suit. With the use of Augmented Reality, (coming soon) Qmage can show how the garment will look on you. 

These cross selling and AR opportunities are available with any type of retail stores.  Imagine scanning the Qmage code on a couch and seeing through AR how it would look in your living room or getting a recommendation on an end table to go with the couch. The possibilities for Qmage and retail are endless. 

Ancestry Websites

Post your image and tell your story to future generations. Easily create profiles which securely include video and important information such as any official records all connected to a single Qmage image.  


Create Qmages that securely store all relevant information tied to a single image and also tie that image to the blockchain for authenticity. This same technology  could bring Qmage tech, to ID cards as well.


Imagine you own an art gallery or you are an artist trying to sell your work. You can easily capture your artwork with the Qmage app, add video or audio to the piece, plus an ecommerce link to allow a buyer to purchase the art. When a buyer sees your work, even if the gallery is closed and the buyer is looking through the window, they can receive complete information on the art and then have the opportunity to purchase. Qmage can become the art gallery’s best sales person. 


With the Qmage technology, a car or boat dealer can attach video, e-commerce links and vehicle information to a single photo.       The dealer can also email these images to any interested buyer.

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