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Qmage connects the things of the world through technology. Find all the information available on physical objects or items. Our issued patents cover us from end to end. Our market place is worldwide, connecting objects to the cloud over all industries.


Qmage connects the things that humanity relies upon. Unlike social media which connects people, Qmage connects everyday things like physical objects including photos, and ties it to the cloud. A unified solution for storing information on any physical object, document or experience. The Qmage technology has unlimited capabilities and uses.


Qmage is built on world class management and experience. We have the strength of owning multiple patents, both issued and pending. We have multiple technology layers to support our solution, including micro symbology - the Quadle. Our technology can also be used to embed symbology into images. We have a comprehensive cloud based solution to provide a rich user experience. We have an app to authenticate objects in commerce utilizing blockchain technology.


Bringing the internet of information to the things of the world. 

What is Qmage?

What is Qmage?

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Our Background

How We Got Our Start

August 2000- Leigh Rothschild (CEO) invents and files first patents on symbology connecting to the Internet. This technology lays the groundwork for displaying information tied to symbology (including QR code recognition) over the internet.  This revolutionary technology is now utilized all over the world and most, if not every, industry.


November 2002-  The US adopts the camera phone trend with the introduction of the Sanyo SCP-5300 camera phone with Sprint.   It is now estimated that there are more than 4.4 Billion camera phones worldwide.  * and Digital


August 2004- Rothschild conceptualizes technology that allows for embedding of symbology in Images and files patents for this new technology.  These patents are core to what Qmage is today.  The patents are granted in November of 2008.



September 2015- Inspired by the new hardware available, Rothschild begins work on Qmage, starting with developing its basic functionality, design and user interface.   


June 2016- After incubating and developing his concepts for Qmage, Rothschild commences programming on the design spec and technology.  Rothschild hires and works with an outside programming group.


July 2016- Chris Medina (Director of Operations)  joins the Qmage team and immediately sets out improving the day to day operations, streamlining communication with the programming group and other external sources.


January 2017- Qmage successfully completes development of new and exciting technology that allows the embedding of symbology into digital images and the registering of the images into a cloud based server.


May 2017- Qmage LLC is formed as a Texas limited liability company.


June 2017 - Trademark application for QMAGE filed with United States Patent and Trademark office.  The trademark application has been allowed by the USPTO and will be registered shortly after the launch of the Qmage application.


August of 2017 - Valerie E Belliveau (Director of Business Development) joins the Qmage team and sets out to improve developments and balance goals. She serves as the creative director.

September 2017 - Qmage completes programming of user interface programming, which includes camera capture module.


September 2017 - Scott Breitkopf (Chief Financial Officer) joins the Qmage Team. He has been instrumental in preparing Qmage for the launch of the mobile application.


September 2017 - Qmage retains K&L Gates, LLP to represent it and to ensure that Qmage is in compliance with all regulations.


December 2017 - Qmage, LLC is converted to Qmage, Inc. a Delaware Corporation.

March 2018 - Trademark application for Quadle™ filed with United States Patent and Trademark office.  The trademark application has been allowed by the USPTO and is incorporated within Qmage's interfacing. 

November 2018 - Further research and development in the Quadle.

February 2019 - Qmage prepares to enter Fundable platform for Investors. 

August 2019 - Qmage creates a profile with the crowdfunding platform, Fundable. 

Qmage changes the way we view and interact with items and objects. 


Qmage solves the problem of a customer or user not being able to get information on an object, image, document or anything else. 

Experienced Leadership
Founder and CEO Leigh Rothschild is considered one of the most prolific inventors in the United States He has licensed and sold patents within his patent portfolio to many major Fortune 100 companies around the world including Apple and Intellectual Ventures among others, and his technologies are in use at companies ranging from most major automotive companies, major retailers, major digital imaging companies, among many others. When you are issued an digital receipt, or share  Gps addreses from a car to a mobile device you are using Rothschild’s patented  technology.  When you scan a QR code that technology was also  invented  and patented by Rothschild

Our data research indicates the total sales from the nearly 3.8 million retail establishments in the United States reached more than $2.6 trillion in 2016. Further data indicates that Global retail sales were projected to amount to around $28 trillion by 2020. The photo finishing market and photo merchandising market has been reported to be over $26.7 Billion. The market for counterfeit goods and piracy has been reported to be $1.2 Trillion dollars globally. Qmage will participate and derive revenue from all of these areas. 

Advertisers wanting to market to their users based on the extremely detailed metadata collected from the Qmage images. Businesses wanting to run custom Qmage marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement. Customers who utilize Qmage for ecommerce purchases

Qmage Patents

 The patented Qmage technology allows a single image to contain: video, audio, text, ecommerce links, augmented reality, and more; all securely hosted on the Qmage Platform.

Meet the Team